Amie Cooke and Audrey McAdams are hoping to foster safe conversations about race in Nolensville, Tennessee, US; the two co-founded a chapter of a Christian nonprofit organization called Be the Bridge. They lead weekly gatherings of a group of women who are Black, white, and Hispanic and who want to learn about how race affects their lives and how to best treat others. They are one of a number of groups in Williamson County, Tennessee, that are trying to build bridges between people of different backgrounds at a time of deepening rancor over race and history- particularly how the two are taught in public schools. The Nolensville Be the Bridge group starts their meeting with prayer and extend love and grace to each other to help ease difficult conversations. The co-founders are finding themselves talking more honestly about racial issues, and not just with people in Be the Bridge. The conversations in this group are so meaningful, but it also makes you more comfortable having conversations with other people outside of the group, said Ms. McAdams.

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