Jos Ands' relief organization, World Central Kitchen (WCK), is working to feed Ukrainian refugees in Europe. WCK has established operations at border crossings in Poland and is partnering with Caritas Internationalis to help feed Ukrainians still in the country. As part of that partnership, Andres himself delivered about 400 pounds of flour to a bakery in Lviv, Ukraine, to help them keep the bakery running. Additionally, WCK is financially supporting restaurants in five cities and two border crossings inside the Ukraine. It is establishing meal distribution points in other countries, including Hungary, Moldova, and Romania. "We are the tip of the iceberg. A lot of things are happening. The Polish government is doing their part. Individual organizations. The mayors of local towns," Andres said. The WCK model was established in 2017 on Puerto Rico, where locals without power, water, and fresh food for weeks on end as the government struggled to get the island's infrastructure back online. Everywhere Andres and WCK go, they partner with food trucks, restaurants and catering companies to serve fresh meals in disaster areas where access to such food can be limited. This model helps the organization invest in the local economy and engage with the community at the same time.

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