The Kyiv restaurant Milk Bar used to charge £12 a meal. But now, they are serving 500 meals a day for free, with staff volunteering their labor. They are one of more than 450 restaurants now feeding anyone who needs it following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Large food suppliers are providing food to restaurants for free and the government has restarted pandemic support programs. LaFamiglia Group -- which has 14 restaurants, a catering business, and 17 food markets -- now provides more than 8,000 snacks and sandwiches and more than 5,000 hot meals each day for free. "Our chefs remain in the middle of military zones to provide our people with food," says owner Mikhail Beylin. In Dnipro, pizzeria owner Ruslan Buriak has 60 volunteers making about 1,000 meals a day using free pasta, oils, and meat from local farmers. Food producer MHP, which employs more than 30,000 workers, says some areas that could normally be sown for wheat are now inaccessible. Some 30% of the world's wheat comes from Ukraine and Russia.

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