Kevin Ford has worked for HMS Host at the Las Vegas, Nevada airport for 27 years and has never missed a single shift. He recently made a video thanking a coworker for a gift bag put together for his 27th work anniversary. The video went viral. Since then, it has been viewed over 2 million times. In the video, Ford was genuinely grateful for the gift bag. Social media users, however, thought he deserved more after 27 years of dedicated service. And so did Ford’s daughter, Serena. She created a GoFundMe campaign to raise a little money to help her father visit his grandkids. So far, over $270,000 has been raised with donations coming in from around the globe. Ford was interviewed by the Today Show and asked why he thought there was such an overwhelmingly positive response to his story. He said, "I think it just has to do with the fact that people love to see somebody grateful for something and happy for the little things, which I am. I’ve been through a lot, everybody’s been through a lot. So, I look toward the smaller things in life and you know I’m grateful for everything. I’m grateful for every day I wake up that I can go to work, be a good citizen, be a good American, and you know just do my part."

Watch video below.