In June, private nurse Roslyn Bates put out a call on Facebook for five children to help celebrate her son Demauriae's 14th birthday; her family and her son's circle of friends were so small that she was not sure there would be a party. Then, her post on Street News SA went viral. Five strangers soon became hundreds. Businesses offered cakes and candy and balloons, a barbershop offered a haircut, and Arturo Alderete offered to sponsor the party at Main Event. Batman and Spiderman led a game of laser tag, and kids who had previously been strangers lined up to thank Demauriae for inviting them. "Batman" Christopher Hernandez, who remembers being bullied for his size and ill-fitting clothes, started his company to help others celebrate life after he survived cancer. Demauriae and Alderete now play basketball together, and Bates will help Robyn Fonseca with her party decorating business. "We're looking forward to starting our new life with our new family," Bates says.

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