A recent study published in the journal Nature Sustainability surveyed people in 33 countries, asking about the amount of wealth they would require to live their version of an ideal life. Based on this number, participants were asked to choose the prize they’d hope to win in a lottery, with options ranging from $10,000 at the low end to $100 billion at the high end -- an amount so large that it’s tantamount to unlimited wealth. One might expect the majority of people to choose the $100 billion, unlimited wealth option. Yet, the study suggested that most people didn't think they needed the unlimited wealth to lead a life of their dreams. Overall, the majority of the study’s participants went for the comparatively moderate (and purely hypothetical) $1 million or $10 million prize options. What this new study suggests is that for most of us, achieving even the life of our wildest dreams wouldn’t require the kind of sums that the richest people in the world have accumulated. Instead, most people aspire to be "comfortable, but not extravagant."

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