Two Hong Kong pilots have refurbished a piece of history: a vintage 'Hot Dog' bus. Vintage buses of this variety, nicknamed for their lack of air conditioning, have not picked up passengers on the streets of Hong Kong for more than a decade. But this soot-streaked double-decker bus, fitted with missing panels and a rusty engine, was lovingly restored and is now owned by pilots Luca Tong and Kobee Ko, who have never outgrown their childhood passion for buses. When the pandemic grounded the global aviation industry and cut flight hours, the two pilots pooled their savings to refurbish the hot dog bus. The pilots enjoy taking the refurbished bus out for a drive and occasionally inviting other enthusiasts onboard. Ernest Chang, one such enthusiast, said, "If I saw a hot dog bus coming, I would wait for another bus to arrive. Now all I want is to ride on one again."

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