In a remote Rwandan village, Esther, a 47-year-old mother of three, plans to use more than 850,000 Rwandan francs from US nonprofit GiveDirectly to buy a farm to grow food for her family. GiveDirectly aims to enroll all 100 village households into its direct cash-transfer program, empowering them to meet their own needs with dignity. The model has found favor with billionaire philanthropists in the tech and crypto community, including MacKenzie Scott, who has also donated $125 million since 2020. That support helped make GiveDirectly the world's fastest-growing nonprofit in 2020, with donations rising 600% from $42 million in 2019 to $303 million in 2020. The nonprofit operates in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Liberia, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Morocco. Since 2009, the organization has given more than $550 million to over 1.25 million poor families. It also runs smaller direct cash programs in three US states.

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