British primatologist Jane Goodall now has a doll to inspire young girls. Mattel, Inc. unveiled the new Barbie, which is made from recycled plastic, as part of its Inspiring Women Series. Dressed in a khaki shirt and shorts and holding a notebook, the doll has binoculars around her neck. By her side is David Greybeard, the first chimpanzee to trust her as she did research at Gombe National Park. Goodall observed chimpanzees make tools, hunt and eat meat and show compassion. "When I got to Gombe, it was beautiful, my dream had come true," she said. "But for four months the chimps ran away from although the forest was wonderful, I couldn't enjoy it until this David Greybeard lost his fear and helped the others to lose their fear too." Mattel will partner with the Jane Goodall Institute and her youth service movement Roots & Shoots to help teach children about their environmental impact.

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