When Devon Saila moved from Ontario, to a farm on the southwestern shores of Prince Edward Island, Canada, she planned on starting a goat farm. She’d always loved goats and with ample property, she could care for the animals and give them room to roam. She didn’t know initially how she would create capital by raising goats; the idea came to her quite by accident. She’d bought a paddleboard for her son, Keegan, as a way for him to entertain himself in the remote area. The first time the boy took the board to the water, one of the goats -- named Wrecks -- jumped on the board; Wrecks refused to abandon ship when the boy paddled away from shore. Despite Wrecks’ usual distaste for water, he seemed to enjoy hanging out on the board, stepping carefully around the boy as he paddled. When a second goat was added to the board, the pair rammed heads between the boy’s legs. Every time they took the boards to the water, the goats never tired of the activity; the goats’ consistency had planted the seed of a business idea. Beach Goats was soon born, offering an opportunity for visitors to paddle out on the bay with members of the herd. The goats get to make the final decisions about any new services and they now participate in goat yoga and hiking excursions with guests.

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