An unmarked door in a bustling market in New Delhi, India, leads to Anjam Knowledge House, a community school by and for Afghan refugees who hope it will help them achieve a better life. Between 6 am and 11 pm, students learn English, math, Arabic, Persian, and computer skills for three to four hours daily, with classes being taught in Pashto. Ahmed Khan Anjam started the school in 2017, the year he arrived in India from Kabul. "I found out there were many problems here concerning Afghan children," he said. "They were not good at the English language. And because of the language barrier, they could not understand much in the government schools." There are now more than 15,000 registered Afghan refugees in India and many more who aren't registered. Math teacher Nilofar Joya Raziqi, 21, was 14 when she moved to India with her parents. "We started from scratch and now have adapted to the Indian way of life, learned Hindi, and adjusted to this society. The good thing is we don't get insulted and beaten for not wearing a veil here."

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