On a recent Friday afternoon, dozens of people in Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada, rallied to save a stranded pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins that has become stuck when the tide went out. Linda Groocock spotted the group of dolphins through binoculars; at first she enjoyed watching them swim, but soon realized they were in trouble. "The tide's going out and more and more are starting to beach because…those Bay of Fundy tides are quite something," she said. She put out a call for help, and it came. Digby's volunteer fire department, staff from the Department of Fisheries, and young people from Digby Regional High School all answered the call. The fisheries staff showed everyone what to do; mud was packed around the dolphins to keep them on their bellies and their blowholes were kept clear with soaked towels. The group of about 40 people was able to get some smaller dolphins onto tarps and sleds and pull them into deeper water. When the tide came back in, all dolphins returned to the sea. "We are so very fortunate in the Maritime provinces to have people in our communities who care about these animals, who care about the oceans. And when the need is there…people answer the call," said Tonya Wimmer, executive director of the Maritime Response Group.

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