A company in northwestern Ontario is working with Inuit fishers in Naujaat, Nunavut on a project to sell wild-caught Arctic char in Thunder Bay, while developing a sustainable fishery near Naujaat. When Paul Drombolis learned, early in the pandemic, that char was being flown to Winnipeg for Inuit living there, he wondered if he could extend the supply line to Thunder Bay. That’s how he found Project Nunavut, which aims to connect Inuit fishers with markets in southern Canada. Eat the Fish is part of a project called Lake to Plate, whose partners include the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Laval University and Project Nunavut. The Arctic char is caught in a lake nearly 2,000 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, flash frozen on site, and then shipped south on cargo planes that have flown food into the north from WInnipeg. Harvesters in Naujaat get a discounted rate to send the fish south on those empty planes, and from Winnipeg, it's trucked to Thunder Bay.

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