Amid devastation from the February 6th earthquakes in Turkey, ordinary citizens across Turkey are rushing in to provide support and deliver aid. "Our motivation comes from wanting to support our people, and that's what we're working for," Evin Seker, a 30-year-old sociologist who normally works for a law firm in Diyarbakir, told Aljazeera News. "I previously worked as a volunteer for an NGO helping children, and when the earthquake happened, we all came together to help the people who have lost everything." Across the city, restaurant owner, Sinan Guneri, put his business on hold while he and his staff distribute free meals around the city to rescue teams and survivors. From a small building of teacher's association offices in Diyarbakir's Kayapinar, volunteers form a human chain to pass aid supplies hand-to-hand to a lorry that is too big to access the narrow road. "We were here within three hours of the earthquake hitting," Yilmaz Tekin, a 32-year-old volunteer loading an aid truck told Aljazeera. "Although Diyarbakir is a big city, sometimes it feels smaller because everyone looks out for each other. We apply that spirit to the work we're doing now."

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