Environmental experts believe that there is "huge, unharnessed potential" to the excess heat released into the air from a wide range of sources, including supermarkets, transport networks, data centers and commercial buildings. A recent report suggests that excess heat produced across Europe could almost power the entire region, and, what's best, much of this surplus heat can be captured and used via existing heat recovery technologies. Toby Morgan, senior manager for the built environment at Climate Group, an environmental not-for-profit, believes that energy efficiency improvements are critical to lower fossil fuel demand and lower bills, and that energy efficiency should be a top priority for any business or government. He advises every corporate net zero commitment to include a time-bound energy efficiency target, and for governments to incentivize the uptake of energy efficient technologies. "The time for action is now." Brian Vad Mathiesen, a professor in energy planning and renewable energy systems at Aalborg University agrees. To rapidly tackle the energy crisis, he proposes a heat planning directive that enables local authorities to plan according to local conditions.

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