Glass Half Full Nola grew from a glass of wine early in 2020 to a company that is helping to use recycled glass to restore the shrinking New Orleans coast. Tulane University seniors Franziska Trautmann and Max Steitz began collecting glass bottles from fellow students and friends, crowdfunded $18,000 for a machine to pulverize glass into sand, and now recycle about 100,000 pounds every month with eight employees. Some of the 3.2 million pounds of glass they have diverted from landfills has gone into a jewelry shop, Nola Alchemy, with the rest blasted into sand for landscaping, flood protection and coastline restoration. With the Pointe au Chien Indian Tribe and Tulane University, and funding from the National Science Foundation, Trautmann and Steitz are restoring some marshes at the Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge as part of their ReCoast initiative with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

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