A random act of kindness leads to a beautiful friendship. At a time when people are divided over a million things, there is still place for brotherhood and love. Jason James Boudreaux, a former detective and patrol sergeant now working as a sales and operations manager, was at the grocery checkout counter to buy seafood and drinks for a family dinner when the cashier told him that his bank card had been rejected for insufficient funds. Since his previous experience in law enforcement had mostly shown him the worst side of people, Jason was taken aback when he heard Kevin Jones, 28, say, simply, “I got you.” Embarrassed, but also delighted to experience such kindness from a stranger, Jason posted a message of thanks on social media and later invited Kevin and his family for a get together. It turned out it was Kevin’s 28th birthday that day -- they all celebrated together, and the two men became friends. “We’re going to go fishing soon." “Kevin is my brother now. We’re friends for life.” As for Kevin, he didn’t think twice about stepping up. “My mom taught me that,” he said. “My attitude is, ‘If I’ve got it, you’ve got it.’ I’m happy to help.”

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