On his day off, Vernon Jackson still goes to work, opening up his Cincinnati, U.S., barber shop for VIP clients: children with special needs. It's something he's done since 2021. "I was hearing so many horror stories that parents were going through with other barber shops and just the barbers or stylists having no patience with their child. So, I figured I would compromise by coming in on my day off so there were there would be no other barbers or stylists in the shop and I could give them the full attention that they need," Jackson said. His goal is to help the children get acclimated to the barber shop so they can feel comfortable coming in when other employees and clients are there. People from around the world sponsor haircuts, so the families are gifted the experience for their children. "This has allowed me to love to my fullest capacity and to see what happens when I do," he said.

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