Alexandre Ferrari-Roy’s firm, MicroHabitat, sells urban farming as a service to property owners and managers who want to boost property values while bringing sustainability and community engagement initiatives to life. Since 2016, working with corporations and multinational real estate firms in Canada and the US, MicroHabitat has expanded from a handful of locations in Montreal to 140 farms in 2022 on properties in Toronto, Vancouver and New York City and this season, will install farms in Calgary, Edmonton, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago. They plan to dive into the European market in 2024. They design, install and maintain modular farms on nearly any outdoor space their clients have available. The most popular package includes 30 light-weight geotextile pots that produce up to 350 pounds of organic produce per season. Of the 45,500 pounds of produce their farms produced in 2022, MicroHabitat donated nearly half to local food banks on behalf of its clients.

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