Arthur Ross was feeling restless in retirement. He was happy after a 35-year career as a lawyer in Vancouver, Canada, but as it wound down, the history enthusiast started thinking about returning to the classroom. He knew where he’d go - back to the University of British Colombia, where he’d enrolled in 1969 and left without earning a diploma. “it’s unfinished business. Let’s see what happens, one course at a time,” said Ross in 2016. Recently, Ross had his answer. He walked onstage in cap and gown to receive a bachelor’s degree that was 54 years in the making, making him one of the slowest degree-earners in the world. He doesn’t mind the distinction. He was thrilled to rekindle – and properly wrap up – his time as a student. “I hope other people, those who are thinking about doing this, I hope they do realize it’s possible to do this,” Ross said.

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