Healing grief through music and service trumpet player and Air Force veteran Larry Kingsley, 83, has found solace and purpose in playing his trumpet on a street corner in downtown Cary, N.C., ever since his wife passed away from complications of Alzheimer's disease. Every evening, except Sundays and bad weather days, Kingsley dedicates an hour to playing patriotic tunes and hymns, with a bucket nearby for donations that go toward Alzheimer's research. His nightly performances are not only a tribute to his beloved wife but also a way to raise funds to help others affected by the disease. To date, his heartfelt performances have raised over $15,000. For Kingsley, a devoted caregiver and actively involved in his community, the trumpet playing serves as both a benevolent act and a way to cope with his grief. He engages with passersby, listening to their stories of how Alzheimer's has affected their lives and providing them with a moment of solace through his music. Despite the personal loss he has experienced, Kingsley finds fulfillment in his twilight performances. They offer him a sense of purpose and an opportunity to connect with people. With unwavering determination, he plans to continue playing the trumpet, raising funds, and touching hearts as long as he is able. Both his trumpet and his bucket will accompany him at twilight, providing him with a channel to express his love and make a difference in the lives of others.

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