A historic moment has arrived as the Netherlands returns 484 colonial looted objects, marking a significant step in the repatriation of colonial collections. Following recommendations from a report three years ago, the decision highlights the country's commitment to returning tens of thousands of objects with questionable provenance. Gunay Uslu, junior minister for culture, emphasized the significance of this moment, stating that it marked the first time the Netherlands was returning objects that should have never been in its possession. Moreover, this restitution signifies the beginning of a period of intensified collaboration with Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The objects to be returned include the renowned Lombok treasure from Indonesia and a lavishly adorned cannon used to welcome visitors of the king of Kandy from Sri Lanka. The move involves the return of 478 culturally significant items to Indonesia. Marieke van Bommel, director of the Dutch National Museum of World Cultures, described this as the start of a beautiful process to rectify historical injustices. This decision reflects a shift in perspective and recognition of the need to address past wrongs, fostering a future built on cooperation and understanding.

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