Teacher Eddie McCarthy was watching the local TV news when he suddenly saw a familiar face on the screen: one of his high school math students. The teen's parents were desperately looking for a live kidney donor for their son, Roman McCormick, who had stage 4 kidney disease. No relatives were a match. McCarthy didn't know much about the teen, other than that he was quiet and the only freshman in his geometry class in Toldeo, Ohio, US. McCarthy, a father of two young children, said after seeing the plea from Roman's mother he decided he would go get a blood test to see if he might be a potential match. All the testing, conducted without the McCarthy family's knowledge, concluded that McCarthy was a viable donor. Then, when medical staff let them know there was a match, the parents wept; they wept again when McCarthy called to tell them he was the donor. The operation took place recently and both patients are recovering well. "Everyone in our family will forever be grateful for what Eddie did. We hope that his gift will give hope to others who are going through what we did, and that they'll also find donors," said one of Roman's parents.

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