José Hernández is one of less than 600 people who have seen earth from space, and now he hopes the film "A Million Miles Away" - which depicts how he went from working the fields of the San Joaquin Valley to being a NASA astronaut - will similarly inspire others. "People always say, 'Wow, in spite of being a migrant farmworker, he became an astronaut.' And I say, 'No, it's because I was a migrant farmworker I became an astronaut.' Hernández, who went on to head an aerospace company and operate a vineyard, is a graduate of the University of California system and serves on the UC Board of Regents. The film was recently screened at the university. "Any American should be inspired by this story, as I am," said Chancellor Juan Sánchez Muñoz. "He was nurtured by a culture and reached, quite literally, the upper atmosphere. It teaches you to work hard, set high goals and let nothing deter you."

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