Probably Paradise is a 1.5-acre farm in Karjat, Maharashtra, India, which houses 431 animals today, including 250 dogs, 162 cats, eight ponies, seven donkeys, two horses, one pig and one cow. 69-year-old Roxanne Davur wishes to provide a shelter where these rescued animals can die with dignity. She has 14 staff members on her rolls and one on-call vet and equine dentist. Feedings, medication, tending to emergencies and cooking 100 kg of chicken waste every afternoon keeps them busy. Roxanne meets her expenses by constant “begging” for donations on social media. “Once you open your gates to animals, you don’t have to do much — the animals will find their way to you,” says this cheerful care-giver. And Roxanne’s logic for the shelter’s name is unassailable – since you can find paradise only when you die, this shelter on earth is ‘Probably Paradise’!

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