Communities in India are turning food waste into clean energy through the use of biogas generators; such generators have been installed in 75 locations across the country thus far. A community in Pune in western India called Ashok Meadows installed a biogas generator in 2017 and since then has converted its food waste into biogas that is used to light the area's streetlights, park, social club and gym. "Clean energy from our rancid food leftovers, vegetable peels and other such throwaways? It is unbelievable how the concept of waste management has changed in the past few years," said Bai Patil. The complex's system is operated and maintained by residents and it has helped to solve the problem of how to dispose the ton of garbage produced each day by the complex's 550 homes and common areas. In addition to reducing climate-impacting emissions, the system has saved the residents money on garbage collection.

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