This year, 51% of school districts in the United States report shortages of school bus drivers. When 63-year-old Mike Mason learned his county's school district was down 125 bus drivers, he knew he had found his next chapter. After an impressive career spanning roles as a U.S. Marines captain, the FBI's fourth in command, and Fortune 500 company executive, it's no surprise that Mason's retirement was short-lived. With an active mind and a heart of service, he had more to contribute to society. Not only does Mason drive the bus -- he voluntarily waxes it. Not only does he get paid a fraction of his former salaries -- he donates all his bus driver earnings to charity. Mason's joyous and diligent spirit of contribution is an infectious example of a deeper kind of leadership. When asked, "Do you sincerely believe that what you're doing today is as important as what you were doing at the FBI?" Mason immediately states, "I do. I think, in our society, we need to get next to the idea that there are no unimportant jobs."

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