Giving and receiving with dignity is Sol Escobar's mantra. The volunteer from Cambridge, UK who regularly helped refugees at the Calais camp, wondered how she could carry on with her work during the first lockdown. Her Instagram connection with Ilda, an asylum seeker and her friends showed her the way forward. Sol connected with her own friends and persuaded them to put their unwanted clothes for 'sale' on her Instagram site, Give Your Best, where those in need could select whatever they wanted and the seller would send it to them along with a card with a personal message. In a world where clothing retailers and fashion houses would rather burn their stock than give it away, this online shop is quietly creating a difference. I feel someone out there cares about me, says Kemi Ongunlana, an asylum seeker from Nigeria. There is no place for fashion waste in a world where millions of people are living without [sufficient] clothing - these women deserve to choose what they want to wear, declares Sol Escobar.

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