Enedina Avils is 67 and lives in a wooden shack on the hills above Lima with no running water or electricity. Peruvian photographer Alex Kornhuber has visited her 10 times since March 2020 -- one of dozens of older people he has met over two years of a project to document how Peruvians age. A fellowship with the Global Brain Health Institute let him travel the country with Dr Maritza Pintado-Caipa, a neurologist who tries to make people aware that dementia is not just part of getting old. They found a generation of older Peruvians, ignored by the state, leaving families to carry the burden of care. But in the mountains, he found resilience that has protected people against neurological disorders. Focusing on elders let him connect with families in a way he had not found in 30 years of photography. "People wanted to tell their stories." He now hopes to create a website featuring the people he has met and information on healthy aging.

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