In Hawaii, where a lack of recycling facilities means most cardboard is packaged and sent thousands of miles to Asia, farmers and gardeners are learning that shredded cardboard can help their produce thrive. Evan Lam founded Circle Pack, a mobile grassroots cardboard shredding organization, in 2020, and slowly is building up a network of partners. One is Chantal Chung, co-founder of Ma'ona Community Garden in South Kona, whose vermicomposting operation processes food waste from a cooperative of 80 local farmers. After meeting Lam, she established a 24/7 community cardboard dropoff, and every third Saturday of the month, community volunteers help shred hundreds of pounds of clean cardboard from residents and businesses. Chung keeps around 1000 pounds for Ma'ona and shares the rest with area farmers. Circle Pack offers free demos for communities, and then charges a fee for later bookings.

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