Elizabeth Bonker, a nonspeaking student at Rollins College in Florida, was chosen by her peers to deliver this year's commencement speech, reports ABC News. Bonker, who has been unable to speak since she was 15 months old because of autism, called upon her fellow classmates to use their voices. "God gave you a voice. Use it. And no, the irony of a nonspeaking-autistic encouraging you to use your voice is not lost on me. Because if you can see the worth in me, then you can see the worth in everyone you meet," she said in her typed speech. She created a nonprofit organization called Communication 4 ALL to help other non-speakers with autism gain greater access to communication and education. "Sometimes, it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine. Be those people. Be the light," she states in her powerful 6-minute speech.

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