Maison Jar in New York City is one of many zero-waste 'refilleries' popping up across the US, where customers fill up their own containers rather than using single-use plastic bags or buying pre-packaged bulk products. Before opening the store in March, owner Larasati Vitoux had been home for a visit in France, where she noticed that there were more and more package-free grocery stores. At Maison Jar, customers bring their own containers and bags, or buy a reusable jar at the store. Customers weigh their containers before filling them, and write the product name on a sticker. At the checkout counter, the weight of the empty container is deducted and the customer is charged for the product by the pound. As well as reducing plastic packaging, the store sources almost entirely from local vendors and recycles containers it receives. The refillery model also promotes less waste and, in turn, less spending, says Vitoux.

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