In a world-first initiative, visitors to the remote West Pacific island nation of Palau will be offered exclusive experiences based on how they treat the environment and culture, not by how much they spend. Nicknamed "the underwater Serengeti" for its remote white-sand beaches and wildlife-rich dive spots, Palau is offering points to those who make sustainable decisions like using reef-safe sunscreen, visiting culturally important sites and eating sustainably sourced local food. Guests can use those points to unlock cultural and nature-based experiences normally reserved for Palauans and their close friends, such as taking an unmarked hike, swimming at a secret cave, sharing a meal with locals and elders or casting a reel in a secluded fishing spot. The program is called "Ol'au Palau," which means inviting a friend into your space, explains Laura Clarke, who co-founded the Palau Legacy Project in 2020. Palau re-opened in April 2022 to fully vaccinated travelers.

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