Growing up in Scotland with an Italian name was not always easy, says Cesidio Di Ciacca. He is named after his Italian grandfather who died at sea in World War Two. For over a decade, he bought up every piece of property in the Italian village his grandparents once called home, turning it into a travel destination for Italians from all over. When he first saw Borgo I Ciacca, a village between Rome and Naples, it had been abandoned for more than 50 years. He has slowly restored it "to its former glory -- one land sale, one renovation contract, one inspection at a time". Now it is about 90% complete. Buying the village took time because there were 140 people from 11 families who owned land. These days, the village has a working winery and vineyard and a library that hosts cultural events. Di Ciacca plans to open an Italian cooking school next.

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