About 1,800 jobs will be created in England to build 10 new environmentally friendly 100-passenger airships that will go into service with a Spanish airline starting in 2026. Hybrid Air Vehicles has signed a deal to provide Air Nostrum with 10 of its Airlander 10 helium-filled airships. The aircraft, to be built at a new green aerospace manufacturing cluster in South Yorkshire, will have a much smaller CO2 footprint per passenger than jet planes. HAV has said its aircraft are ideally suited to inter-city mobility applications like Liverpool to Belfast and Seattle to Vancouver, which Airlander can service with a tiny fraction of the emissions of current air options. The craft, originally developed as a surveillance vehicle, "is designed to deliver a better future for sustainable aviation services, enable new transport networks and provide rapid growth options for our customers," says HAV, which aims to sell 265 over the next 20 years.

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