In a youth-centric world, the wisdom of elders is an untapped treasure. According to research from the University of Singapore, many older people are turning to TikTok to reframe the experience of aging and kick back against age stereotyping. While 41% of TikToks audience is under 24, 14.5% of its users are over 50. The researchers compiled TikToks most-viewed videos of people over 60 with at least 100,000 followers, resulting in up to 1,382 posts with more than 3.5 billion views. An in-depth analysis then highlighted how older adults are proactively engaging in TikTok to defy the negative stereotypes and challenge socially constructed notions of old age. Content creators like Grandma Droniak, Grandad Joe, J-Dog, Grandpa Chan and Babs aka Nonna are showcasing their wisdom, vibrancy, energy and fierceness, proving that granddads can be granfluencers and grandmothers can be glammas -- glorious and glamorous. In using humorous, engaging videos, older people are taking a stand against bias and discrimination and rejecting the idea that they are invisible.

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