The Maldives is building a floating city modelled on corals that will ensure future livable spaces as sea levels keep rising, as well as provide new affordable housing for the densely populated island nation. People will start moving in by 2024, with completion scheduled for 2027. The "Maldives Floating City", a joint project between the Maldives government and property developer Dutch Docklands, will look like a normal city but will be able to move up and down with tides, extreme floods and sea rise. Koen Olthuis, architect and founder of Waterstudio, says coral reefs surrounding the Maldives should help protect the 200-hectare city from extreme weather. The city will include a mix of affordable housing and higher-end homes, housing 20,000 people in 5,000 living units, as well as restaurants, hotels and shops. The Maldives and Dutch Docklands are set to unveil the first completed units in the coming weeks.

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