In New Hampshire, U.S., Francesca Teal was tossing a football on the beach with her husband, when her wedding ring -- a family heirloom from her great-grandmother -- slipped off her finger. After hours of searching, the couple returned home empty handed. In a last-ditch effort, Teal posted on social media about the incident, adding a casual request for any locals who may regularly frequent the beach with a metal detector to keep an eye out for it. The post ended up getting shared thousands of times, and when Lou Asci, 60, read the story, he was prompted to do something. Donning a wetsuit and metal detector, he dove into the water. After two days of searching, nothing. "I don't take failure all too well," Asci told "The Boston Globe". His next dive led him to the ring, buried in sand on the ocean floor. Asci personally drove the precious heirloom band to Teal's home, and her husband got down on one knee to return it to her finger. "I have been so overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers this past week," Teal wrote on social media. "It has been so amazing to witness humanity in this positive way & has brought so much faith to myself & others."

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