An increasing number of schools in the United Kingdom are going green, each creating its own sustainable climate plan with food as a primary focus. Greenside Primary School in Shepherd's Bush, West London, is one of them. It has a 24-square-meter field of wheat and a microbakery where community members line up to buy freshly baked goods. The school integrates food education into their curriculum, teaching students basic math and language skills through hands-on projects such as shopping for and preparing an Indian family dinner. Growing vegetables and cooking are also integrated into the school day. A new generation is being educated for the betterment of the planet, as students in primary schools like Greenside are asking questions like, “Why is there so much meat on [our] school menu if it is high in carbon emissions?” and “Why do we eat food with bad chemicals?” Other amazing changes have also been reported. A teacher said, “We have a pupil who only eats chicken nuggets. Today, he ate beetroot, raw onion, green beans and tomatoes. It was extraordinary.” Currently, 58 UK schools are working with Chef in Schools, a charity that helps schools transition to healthy and green lunches, which is a sign that more schools are joining this wonderful and sustainable movement for the health of our planet and future generations.

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