A new app is helping people find deals in the grocery store while also preventing food waste. Using the Flashfood app shows which foods are nearing their expiration or best-by dates at participating grocery stores and thus are being sold at a discount. Flashfood items are available in about 1,200 supermarkets, and it expects to double that number next year. Flashfood, based in Toronto, Canada, is part of a slew of startups — including Imperfect Foods, Misfits Market and Too Good to Go — that make hard-to-sell foods cheaper for consumers while also chipping away at global food waste. Items sold through Flashfood are typically half off regular price, said founder and CEO Josh Domingues. Meat is a top seller, as are fruit and veggie boxes. Currently, payment must be made through the app and items picked up from a dedicated zone in stores, but Flashfood is exploring expanding payment options and adding delivery.

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