Kylie Harris had recently moved from Austin to Dallas when she posted a TikTok to her 1,000 or so followers suggesting a casual walking club. Not a 'hot girl walk', made popular on TikTok by a 23-year-old who trademarked the term. When Harris planned her first group hot girl walk in July, she wasn’t feeling hot at all. But when she showed up at Dallas’s Katy Trail, she was shocked to see 40 women outfitted in spandex separates and tennis shoes, oversized statement water bottles in tow. Their gentle two-mile loop landed them at the Katy Trail Ice House, and Harris shared a recap video on TikTok. Next time, 200 women showed up. The group has leveled off at about 100 and just completed its ninth walk. For Harris, the walks have accomplished their intended purpose -- making friends. It's also more secure for women to walk in a group, she says.

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