In August, three Franciscan friars taught Ukrainian actors a theater curriculum that teaches cooperation, rebuilds social connections and helps participants deal with wartime trauma. The participants, professional actors from Vinnytsia, Ukraine, were learning to lead their own social theater workshops for other refugees. Capuchin Fr. Stefano Luca, who founded Capuchin Social Theater 16 years ago, said refugees often struggle with social and psychological difficulties. Learning to rely on people in their new circumstances is a challenge, said translator Marria Lvova. "Refugees need psychological help just as much as financial assistance." Elementary school teacher Mariia Levchenko works with children from Mariupol and led a "City of Dreams" tour of Vinnytsia for them before attending the theater workshop in Poland. "I wanted to show them that wherever they are, they can make this new place special just with their thoughts and dreams," she said. Now she will use social theater skills in her classroom.

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