Three PhD students from Warsaw University of Technology have won this year’s James Dyson Award grand prize for inventing a sensor that can detect how a wound is healing and if it is infected without needing to remove the dressing. Tomasz Raczyński, Piotr Walter and Dominik Baraniecki conceived their idea after learning how changing wound dressings can disrupt healing and cause infection. ‘SmartHeal’ consists of a pH sensor integrated into the dressing that, by monitoring pH levels, can assess the condition of the wound and detect if there is an infection. Medics or patients themselves can access the data by passing a mobile device over the sensor. “We’ve all nervously peeled back a dressing or plaster to see what is happening underneath,” says Sir James Dyson, who picks the final global winner himself. “SmartHEAL provides doctors and patients with a key piece of data – the pH level – that can tell them how a wound is healing. This can improve treatment and prevent infection, saving lives.”

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