Earlier this year, luxury goods company LVHM made headlines when it became the first European company to top a $500 billion market cap. At the same time, the company made a wave of climate commitments to rethink how it does business. “All our products come from nature – no champagne without grapes, no perfumes without forests, no ready-to-war without cotton,” said Helene Valade, who oversees environmental work for LVHM. The company is comprised of 75 unique brands, which makes implementing ambitious company-wide goals challenging. To support employees through these changes, the company has committed to giving all employees across the globe environmental training. Salespeople need to be able to answer environmental questions from customers, and employees that handle logistics need to understand emissions from different modes of transport. “The change has to make sense to each employee. We have to give them the keys to implement the change,” said Valade.

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