An entrepreneur who woke up homeless in a stairwell at the age of 15 with his first business idea has spent £25,000 (about $32,000 US) on a disused stairwell to provide a rent-free space in London, UK, for small businesses to fulfill their dreams. Simon Squibb, who retired at 40 after selling Fluid, his marketing agency, hopes the stairwell in southwest London will provide a showcase for owners of small businesses. Squibb is hoping to get permission from the local council to turn it into a pop-up shop, office, or “live-work space” that entrepreneurs can use – potentially for up to a month free of charge. “I don’t want to contribute to increasing the prices of rent and housing for people. I don’t think it’s a net-positive for society. I want to create something – a symbol – that if you’ve got a dream, you can just start it,” he said.

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