Meet John McAvoy, once serving a double life sentence for armed robbery, now a world record-holding triathlete, and a champion for change. He's turned his life around and is paying it forward through the Alpine Run Project, where he's training and mentoring 13 disadvantaged youths. These kids are on a transformative six-month journey which will culminate with them racing in the grueling Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. McAvoy's mission? To get 100,000 youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds trail running in nature by 2027. He's proving that character is unveiled by opportunity. In his own words, "I want to unlock doors for these young people to see how big and beautiful the world is. To show them that it's obtainable." From a life of crime to a mentorship role, McAvoy's life is a testament to the power of change. With his project, he's inspiring young people to keep going, reminding them that their past does not define their future.

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