An intensive care nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital has gone above the call of duty, personally tracking down Australian children's music group, The Wiggles, to help save his patient suffering from COVID-19. Sarah Kelly, who has Down syndrome, is on track to getting out of the hospital after watching the how-to message from her favorite musical group. When the 22-year-old was admitted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital struggling to breathe with COVID-19 last month, she refused to have oxygen tubes put in. With her condition rapidly deteriorating, nurse Steven Moylan - who has a brother with an intellectual disability had an idea. He saw she watched The Wiggles non-stop on her iPad and wondered if he could get The Wiggles to wear the nasal prongs, whether Sarah would follow suit. He persevered to find the Wiggles and they got right on the task of recording a video for Sarah. The gambit worked; after seeing The Wiggles wearing nasal prongs, Sarah allowed prongs to be put on her.

Watch video below.