Timothy Baise flew from Grand Traverse County, Michigan, US, to Kentucky to deliver toys to families in Kentucky who were affected by the recent tornadoes. Baise is president of Homeless Angels, a street-based outreach organization in Lansing and happened to be at a toy drive when he learned that what was most needed in Kentucky was toys. “There’s hundreds of houses that are just destroyed. There’s no way these families are going to be able to get anything for these children. Toys, I mean I had goosebumps, I almost couldn’t breathe, right?...He had no idea who I was or what we were doing at the time and he said toys. All I could say was, ‘I’ll be there tomorrow,’” said Baise, describing the phone call where he learned about the need for toys. Baise packed an airplane with about 1,000 toys, which was as many toys as he could fit.

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