Myriam Gaudet, who owns Red Cart Books in Cornwall, Ont., has a barn and two farmhouses full of donated books, and hopes to find them all a home. After five years of collecting unwanted books from seven local thrift stores, she has nearly 200,000 titles but is close to running out of space. Gaudet ran the book department at a thrift store before starting Red Cart Books. For the first year, it was an online-only venture, selling off 4,000 books for a friend. But then a former colleague asked Gaudet if she could take some of the thrift store's overflow books. At first, the inventory that didn't fit into her storefront was stored on shelves in the family farmhouse, alphabetized and catalogued. But then she was overwhelmed by the tsunami of books, which are now essentially in deep storage. "I just wish we could hang onto them long enough until the right person comes looking for them, because eventually — pretty much every book — someone will come looking for it."

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