Double Rainbow Brightens New Yorkers' Evenings on 22nd Anniversary of 9/11

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Canines Compete in the World Dog Surfing Championships

Pacifica, California, August 5, 2023. Carlos Barria | Reuters

Engineers Build House With Recycled Diapers, Diverting 200 Diapers from Landfills

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Like this spider in this beautiful web, we are all embedded in interconnectedness even if the threads seem invisible. May our love flow out and touch all.

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Church in Devon, United Kingdom glows in solidarity for Ukraine

Woman knits heart for Ukraine for an art work in North Berwick, Scotland.

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Teenager Ella Glassman and friends gift Florida hospital 400 4are packages for chemo patients

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Soldiers help elderly woman evacuate Irpin, Ukraine

Emilio Morenatti | AP

Crowd carries giant Ukrainian flag to protest against the Russian invasion, in celebrations of Lithuania's 32nd anniversary of independence from Soviet Union

Mindaugas Kulbis | AP

Truck driver in Turkey spends life savings planting 11,000 trees: "I don't make money from this, but it brings me happiness"

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Strangers are leaving strollers, car seats, inter coats and toys at the Polish border for Ukrainian refugees

Francesco Malavolta | AP

Louisiana boy writes sweet letters about foster dog to pass on to pup's adopters: 'The best dog'

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California students promote positive messages

Jessica Martin via CNN

NFL QB prospect Malik Willis caught on video in random act of kindness

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Religious body BAPS sets up mobile kitchen

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Former UK Royal Marine drove 1,000 miles to Ukraine border in minibus loaded with supplies, toys, and blankets for refugees

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The American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are lit in colors of Ukrainian flag, following Russian invasion

Nick Iwanyshyn | Reuters

5-year-old donates all his money -- 30 cents -- to a homeless man, teaching his father a lesson

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Ukrainian flag colors displayed on Morrison Bridge in Portland, Oregon

Jonathan House

Everton players hold Ukrainian flags before the English Premier League soccer in Liverpool, England

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Daughter surprises deer-loving Mom in palliative care with a visit from Bambi

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An 11-year old girl with Down's Syndrome was being bullied. So the president of her country walk her to school.